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Single-seater racing experts, Dallara, designed the X-Bow’s exceptionally strong chassis which is claimed to boast F3 racing standards of impact crash safety. The X-Bow steering wheel is removable and is standard on all models. The driver always has direct access, whether to indicators or to the lap timer, in his or her line of sight as all the controls are on the steering wheel.


xbow_gt_suspensionKTM deliberately selected a proven, powerful TFSI petrol engine from Audi for the powerunit in the X-BOW. The outstanding attribute of the 1,984 cc engine is the Fuel-Stratified direct petrol Injection (FSI) system that made Audi the dominant force for years at the legendary Le Mans 24 hour race, coupling the highest levels of efficiency with exceptional performance.


Not a single X-bow monocoque has been damaged to the extent that it has needed extended repair, let alone replacement. This demonstrates not only the design and stability of the safety cell, it also means that in all accidents so far, only add-on parts have had to be replaced.


The carbon fibre monocoque of the X-Bow has ensured that the weight is kept to a minimum whilst keeping a high structural rigidity. This means that the X-bow is a featherweight when compared to most other supercars.



The aerodynamic capabilities of the X-bow are essential in creating the downforce that the car needs for taking each corner at the highest possible speed with optimal ground-holding. This is largely done by the adventurous styling of the KTM engineers that can be seen on the body of the X-Bow, which reduces  drag and increases downforce whilst still catching the fond eyes of onlookers. The X-Bow has a completely flat, motorsport underbody, otherwise only to be found on Formula racing cars.


There is a vast number of upgrade packages which allow the owner to adjust various aspects of the car to his or her preference. Performance is key, but with this comes an outstanding performance to price ratio as well.


xbow_gt_cockpitThe X-bow has been built for the enthusiast that can indulge in an unfiltered driving experience. Driving pleasure is definitely not an area where this car comes short. Whether it be a sporty drive along a mountain pass or pushing the car to its limits around a racetrack, the driver will not be disappointed.


The X-Bow is all about pushing boundaries and thrilling its occupants at a desirable price. Get Ready To Race!



  • Carbon fibre monocoque with crash box, both in clear coat finish
  • Audi 2.0 TFSI engine with direct fuel injection
  • Smooth racing underbody, front splitter and rear diffuser in aluminium composite
  • Individually adjustable pedals and adjustable multi-function steering wheel
  • “Keyless Go” system
  • Lacquered alloy wheel rims
  • Four-point safety harness
  • Removable Steering Wheel
  • Limited Slip Differential


Wheels24: “Dynamic harmony and an unmatched level of steering feedback are the X-Bow’s most important selling points.”

TopCar: “Arrive at a track day and, if you can keep your cool, you will surely decimate all-comers.”

FutureCars: “The car employs the finest materials and technology and the result is a sports car with racing technology.”

xbow_gt_roll bars